A complete guest experience solution

Online Check-in

Collect all the important details you need from guests before arrival, automatically. The pre-check-in wizard is fully customizable allowing you to take the workload off your team and offer a quick and safe check-in by automating everything and offering guest relevant upsells in the process.

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Arrival coordination

Collect guests’ estimated arrival time and coordinate arrival details.


Using the pre-check-in wizard you can auto collect contract signatures in Advance

Document Scan

Auto collect scanned passports and documents from guests before arrival

Deposit collection

Collect security deposits from guests automatically
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Pay for stay

Collect full or partial room charge payments from guests before their arrival

Authority forms

Automatically collect and send all mandatory guest details to local authorities.


Wishbox allows you to communicate with your guests in a more efficient and personalised way using the Wishbox automation tools.

Pre-scheduled messages 

Send your guest’s customized pre-scheduled messages

Auto translations

Auto translate content & messages to your guests’ native language (16 languages)


Schedule messages / announcements to all confirmed or In-house guests with smart customizations

Confirmation email

Auto-send your guests a branded confirmation email when the booking is confirmed

SMS & WhatsApp messaging

Send messages and links to your guests via SMS & WhatsApp

Arrival Message

Send your guests a perfectly timed message customized with all the important details they need for their arrival

Key provider integration

Connect with your key provider and allow guests to open room/collect keys directly from the Wishbox guest app

Branded Guest App

Engage with your guests from the moment the booking is confirmed, offering them access to information, recommendations, upsells, and more. Your branded guest app includes a personal area with the guests’ info as well as a chat.


The Wishbox Guest App is web based, allowing your guest to easily access the app with no downloading required to ensure a high engagement rate

House Manual

Digitize your house manual and easily share with guests all information about room and hotel amenities online

White labeled

The Wishbox App is white-labeled allowing you to communicate with guests using your branding, images and colors

Video, images, PDS's & Maps

Share personalized content with your guests, adding videos, images, PDF’s, and Maps to your guest app


All app content is auto-translated to your guests’ native language 

Chat and canned responses

Quick and easy guest communication using the Wishbox app chat

Local Maps

Offer every guest access to a digital map of the hotel area, showing local attraction, restaurant recommendation, nightlife, sightseeing, local businesses you collaborate with, and more


Increase your revenue per guest by offering additional upsells and services, effortlessly. Wishbox allows you to offer guests transportation, early check-in, food, tours activities and more.

Room Upgrade

Send your guests customized room upgrade offers before arrival, optimizing room occupancy and maximizing revenue per guest

In-House Services

Create and sell your own In-House services

Smart Early Check-in

Offer guests a smart early check-in upsell based on your availability

In-Destination Services

Connect 3rd party suppliers and offer In-destination services to guests through Wishbox

Smart late Check-out

Offer guests a smart early check-out upsell based on your availability

Auto-split payment with supplier

A hassle free way to manage supplier commissions and payments with the auto-split payment option

Accept Credit Card Payments Online

Wishbox’s Ecommerce platform allows you to easily collect payment from guests when up-selling services

Access to upsell marketplace

Gain instant access and revenue to more services, tools and activities with the Wishbox marketplace

Online Check-out

Using Wishbox you can say goodbye to your guests the right way. At the time of your choice, your guests will receive a pre-check-out wizard that includes extra services, check-out instructions, and a smart review system.

Review optimization

Reduce negative reviews using Wishbox’s internal pre-check-out review, pushing your top reviews to OTA’s and preferred websites, and keeping negative reviews In-house

Pre-check-out Wizard

Coordinate check-out with your guests and send check-out instructions and relevant offers